What are the Best Beaches in San Diego?

Every beach in San Diego has its own unique features that will be an attraction to everyone who comes to visit San Diego. Some people are lost for choice when it comes to choosing the beach to visit and the one that will be reserved for another day.

Here is a list of the best beaches in San Diego that are a must-visit every time you want to take your mind off work and the stress of life:

Solana Beach

Solana Beach is located in the North Country of San Diego in a place that is secluded and will only be assessed using staircases that have been placed on almost all street corners. If you love shopping, the Cedros Design District is also located in Solana and will provide a great experience as well.

La Jolla Beach

This beach has the coolest waves along the shore which makes it an ideal place for a family day out. Besides the cool waves, there is also the Garibaldi fish that are a beautiful sight to behold. Visitors are allowed to enroll in a scuba class where they will be able to view sea lions or seals as they rest near the coves.

Pacific Beach

This is also referred to as ‘the Strand’ and is among the most visited beaches in San Diego. The younger generation loves this destination due to the numerous shops and hotels at the north end. You will be excited by the view of bonfire glows and great beach parties at night. You can visit this beach at any time and you can be assured that there will not be a dull moment.

Coronado Beach

This is a beautiful beach where you will be stepping on sand that is mixed with mica. This combination makes the beach sparkle under the hot sun. Umbrellas have been provided for the visitors who do not want to bask in the sun and when the sun is going down, taking a walk along the beach will give you a great view of the skyline in San Diego.

There is never a dull moment in any of the San Diego beaches and if possible, you should make an effort to visit each one of them.

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